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  • Access 31 has closed down

    August 6 2008 6:39pm (UTC+8)  -  Article by Kevin

    Access 31 has closed down
    Access 31, Western Australia's only community television station, has officially been closed down.

    Access 31 recently suffered severe financial problems which almost forced the station to close down in June. This was temporarily avoided by a generous donation of $500,000 by a private party and a $250,000 grant from Lotterywest.

    Unfortunately it appears that the $500,000 offer of support has now been withdrawn which ruined any chance that Access 31 had of surviving.

    A number of staff at Access 31 have resigned in recent weeks, leaving the station dangerously under-manned.

    Matters were made worse on Monday, when Andrew Brine - the station's CEO - officially resigned.

    The decision to shut down Access 31 was made at a board meeting held today.

    At 5:00pm this afternoon, transmission officially ceased, and the station is now broadcasting a static "thank you" image.

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  • Hyacinth
    August 10 2008
    #11 of 13

    I googled here to find this information, after I turned on Channel 31 and found nothing, and found its website down as well. Thanks for the information, or I'd still be wondering what had happened (the program guide is still appearing). I'm sorry for those who have lost their jobs.
  • Kevin
    August 10 2008
    #12 of 13

    A pretty boring static image broadcasting on Westlink at the moment...

    [This attachment is no longer available]

  • Spiral Media
    August 10 2008
    #13 of 13

    that'll change soon

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