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  • Sky News to broadcast in widescreen

    April 11 2009 7:47am (UTC+8)  -  Article by Kevin

    Sky News to broadcast in widescreen
    UPDATED | Sky News - Australia's only locally produced 24 hour news channel - is finally preparing to broadcast in 16:9 widescreen. understands the expected date for the aspect ratio change is Sunday, May 17 2009 (revised date - see update below) however that date may be pushed back if internal preparations take longer to complete than expected.

    The channels to be changed include Sky News, Sky News Business Channel, A-PAC and Sky News New Zealand.

    The move will no doubt please those with widescreen televisions, who have long criticised Sky News for continuing to broadcast in 4:3 despite the fact that FOXTEL Digital - which provided the ability for channels to broadcast in 16:9 - has been available for the past five years.

    Owned and operated by Australian News Channel Pty Ltd - a joint venture of British Sky Broadcasting, PBL Media and Seven Media Group - Sky News Australia commenced broadcasting on February 19 1996.

    Sky News says it is available in more than 2.5 million homes and locations across Australia and New Zealand on the AUSTAR, FOXTEL, Optus and Neighbourhood Cable pay television networks and on the Sky pay television network in New Zealand.

    UPDATE 19/04 | Knowfirst reports the format change has been delayed from the planned date of April 26 2009 until May 17 2009.

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  • Kevin
    April 20 2009
    #9 of 11

    According to Knowfirst, this has been delayed until at least May 17th. It's obviously taking them some time to get everything organised.
  • phileasmann
    April 25 2009
    #10 of 11

    Oh, God. And I was getting soooo excited...
  • Jeffmister
    April 26 2009
    #11 of 11

    Smacca said:
    I wonder if the overnight UK feed will be in wide too?

    It won't be - Sky News UK's international feed is 4:3.

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