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  • Ten News heading back to Perth

    January 18 2008 7:11am (UTC+8)  -  Article by Kevin

    The Perth edition of Ten News is set to return to world's most isolated city after seven years of being broadcast from the network's Sydney studios. The move is planned for May to coincide with Ten Perth's 20th anniversary.

    A decision was made in 2000 to move news presentation and production to Sydney in order to save costs, however sport and weather continued to be broadcast from Perth.

    The cost of converting the Perth station from analogue to digital was estimated to be $30 million which Ten said wasn't viable. Only the Sydney and Melbourne studios were upgraded at the time.

    Ten denies the move back to Perth is in any way related to the death of presenter Charmaine Dragun who took her own life in November following a long battle with depression. Reports at the time suggested that Dragun had complained of isolation and loneliness from her family and friends back in Perth whilst living in Sydney.

    Ten Perth General Manager Simon Martin said the decision to move back to Perth was made 12 months ago, and that Dragun knew about the plan.

    "Charmaine was well aware we were working on this. She was a part of our trials, she was very excited about the very good possibility that it was going to happen" he said.

    Martin says advances in technology had made it viable to move the presenting back to Perth.

    Several local candidates are being considered to present the bulletin, and a decision on that is expected to be made in the next month., with The West Australian

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